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Signs of an Abusive Relationship [online or in the real world]



  • They push for quick involvement.  
  • There is jealousy. 
  • They are controlling. 
  • They have very unrealistic expectations. 
  • There is isolation. 
  • They blame others for their mistakes. 
  • They make everyone else responsible for their feelings. 
  • There is verbal abuse.
  • They have sudden mood swings. 
  • They have abused others in the past.
  • There are threats of violence or self harm.


(Fuente: ubiestcaelum)


OKay these are quick, limited waist up commissions for now! I drew up these examples just now, this is what your piece will look like.

Will draw: humans, anthros/furries, animals, monsters…p much anything- Please ask if you’re unsure if I would draw whatever you want :-)

Here are more examples of my art -> [x]

  • The payment is either through paypal as usual- OR, over STEAM, since I want some stuff from there!!
  • I’m going to take 3 or 5 of these to begin with. First come first serve.
  • Contact me through vasarru at gmail and we will have a nice chat, yes?

Interested in regular commissions? Move on over here my friend -> [x]

all slots are: OPEN!

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